The Brand
Silverdolf, a premium brand under the flagship of Silverstone, was born as a result of relentless pursuit to manufacture tyres that are high quality, reliable and affordable by Silverstone, Malaysia.

Using proven tyre-building technology from Silverstone with the adaptation of the Advanced Technology and "Know-How" transferred from Japan, Silverdolf tyres perform exceptionally well in most of the road conditions. Its passenger car tyres demonstrate a strong sense of confidence and reliability that matches the industry standards if not surpassing them. With the impressive track record of Silverstone's SUV and 4x4 tyres line-up, the range expansion in Silverdolf is a testament to our commitment to producing high quality, reliable and affordable tyres.

"Engineered to Perform", the guiding motto of which explicitly implies that at Silverdolf, we make sure every tyre rolls out from our manufacturing plant in Malaysia exudes a sense of guaranteed confidence, quality and peace-of-mind regardless of your ride, whether it is a passenger car, SUV or 4x4 vehicle.